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Meet Will Patel aka Bestial

Will is a longtime friend of Eric. He generally comes off as self-absorbed but when his

friends need him, he’s there. He’s the most reluctant member of Omniforce, initially not

wanting to get involved. However, he changes his mind so he can help reduce the risk to his


Will is what most would call an acquired taste. He’s a very attractive guy and he knows it. Most people who know him describe him as arrogant and conceited, something he never bothers to deny. He spends a lot of time focusing on his looks, preferring to wear designer brand clothes. He’s very flirtatious, very quick to try to introduce himself to any woman he finds attractive. He’s very sarcastic and likes to make jokes, often at the expense of other people. He’s also very observant and analytical. He can size people up very quickly which often causes him to jump to conclusions.

When Will found out about Omniforce and the mission he was initially opposed to joining the team. He though the threat to them and their families were too great. Eric tried to change his mind but in the end, he realizes he’d feel guilty if he stood by and didn’t help his friends. His abilities and intelligence proved to be helpful on multiple missions. Will tends to clash with the other members of the team due to the fact that he often says whatever pops into his mind.

Bestial is the one constantly warning the team not to rush in and to be careful. When he thinks a situation is unsafe, he doesn’t hesitate to tell Eric his concerns. He’s often irritated at the enthusiasm of others on the team, believing that they’re not cautious enough. He clashes with Archie more than anyone. He often made fun of Archie before the events of Omnidisk, creating issues with them to begin with. Now, since Archie doesn’t have any powers, he’s once again the focus of much of Bestial’s criticism. Per his personality, this usually presents itself in sarcasm or jokes instead of a constructive conversation.

Will’s personality goes through quite a change in Omnidisk. His sarcasm, wit, and animal forms all make for very interesting read. To learn all about him, grab a copy of Omnidisk: The Mission Book One, on sale Monday July 6 th!


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