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Meet the Villains: Mange

Manges’ origins are mostly a mystery. The Omniforce doesn’t know his real name or where he’s from. What they do know is that he is one of the earlier members of the Augment’s team. He’s often used as the muscle of the team as his multiple abilities make him formidable in a fight.  He seems to believe in the Augments plan and aggressively does what he can to help further their goals.

Mange is the hothead of the team. There are multiple times that his temper threatens to expose the Augments or puts them at a disadvantage. His abilities make him arrogant; he constantly challenges anyone who so much as annoys him because he’s so confident that he can win. He seems to only respect two people. One of them is Slymind. When Slymind takes the lead, Mange usually listens, even though he complains on occasion. Mange’s respect for their leader, the mysterious Command, is absolute. When Command gives an order, Mange follows it without question. Mange considers the successful completion of a mission to be a point of pride for him. He feels a strong sense of disappointment when he doesn’t finish what he sets out to do. Omniforce’s commitment to standing between him and his goals are one of the reasons he hates them so much. When Mange is losing a mission, his determination to win causes him to put his teammates at risk Mange has the ability to fly due to the large birdlike wings on his back. He has a long furry tail that he controls well enough to use in a fight. He’s much larger and more muscular than the average man, which also gives him an edge. Finally, he can shoot powerful yellow energy beams from his eyes. He’s one of the more dangerous enemies Omniforce faces. Can they stop him and his team? Buy Omnidisk today and find out!


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