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Meet Dark Viper

Dark Viper may be the most mysterious of all of the augments that the Omniforce has dealtwith. They know very little about his past. They don’t even know his real name. They do know at some point in the last few years, the energy from the Omnidisks transformed him into an augment. For a time after that, he worked along with the evil Command and his team. For reasons unknown, he left their company and started working against them, attempting to collect the Omnidisks himself before they could.

Dark Vipers appearance is reptilian in nature. He has scaly green skin and yellow eyes. He wears dark clothing, along with a cape and cowl used to conceal his features as much as possible. He is tall and sturdy looking and exhibits enhanced senses, especially his sense of smell. His abilities make him an expert tracker. He has above average strength and agility and a mastery of the martial arts. This combination makes him one of the most skilled characters. He carries a satchel full of various tools, such as bolas, throwing stars, gas bombs and a bo staff.

When Dark Viper first shows up, it seems as if he may clearly be a hero, especially after forming several heroic rescues. Unfortunately, as time passes, it becomes clear he has his own agenda. When the Omniforce gets in the way of him obtaining the Omnidisks, he doesn’t hesitate to fight them as well. Even though he hates the augments, he makes it clear that he doesn’t trust anyone. Some members of the team are optimistic that he can be won over. Others are distrustful of him from the start, partially due to his sinister appearance and his past with the augments.

Dark Viper is very stand offish at the best of times. As far as anyone knows, he has no friends and possibly no family (although this is tough to confirm since he’s so secretive.) He does have an honorable streak that won’t allow him to see others get hurt. And he admires the conviction of the Omniforce, lauding their desire to stop the plans of Command and his team. He just doesn’t trust them to succeed. Dark Viper is one of the most important characters in the books, and his involvement has great consequences for both sides. To learn all about him, but a copy of Omnidisk, today!


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