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Meet the Villians: Uproar

Travis Creadon was infamous even before he got his powers. To say he was a school bully would be an understatement. He was a predator and the school was his hunting ground. Tall and strong, nothing brought him more pleasure than striking fear into those he believed to be vulnerable. 

Travis noticeably steered clear of those who looked like they could handle themselves, exposing his own insecurity. If directly challenged he would retaliate but confident individuals like Eric and Brynn were mostly ignored by him. Archie , on the other hand , had long been one of his favorite targets. Archie’s inability to defend himself made Travis feel strong and filled him with confidence.

Considering Travis’ personality, it’s no surprise that he quickly took to being Uproar, a member of the Augments. His enhanced strength gives him the confidence to approach everyone, not just individuals who are weak. Individuals who love power for power’s sake always crave more and Uproar is no exception.       

He wants to be part of their plans for the future and is very motivated to stop the Omniforce from standing in his way. Even though he doesn’t know their identities, when Eric and Archie realize who he is, it makes the conflict that much more personal. You can learn all about him and his fellow Augments in Omnidisk: The Mission Book One.


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