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Meet the Villains: Slymind

Slymind’s real name and much about his past is unknown. What is known is that he was one of the first individuals to be turned into an Augment from the energy of the Omnidisks. He has the power of elasticity, able to stretch his body to superhuman lengths. The limits of this ability is unknown as he has been twisted into knots before with no negative side affects. 

Slymind appears to be the de facto field leader of the Augments, usually taking command and giving orders to his team members in intense situations. He’s a capable strategist reflected by the Augment’s multiple victories against the Omniforce and their near losses. Even though he has impressive powers, his main value is his scientific brilliance. He is skilled at using limited resources to create technologies that give the Augments a distinct advantage, such as devices that allow them to cross great distances rapidly or allows their numbers to increase instantly in battle. His intelligence contributes to his arrogance. He often sees himself a superior to others and that is reflected in his attitude towards those who disagree with him. He is quick to use sarcasm and belittle others who try to follow a path other than his own. His arrogance also contributes to him underestimating his enemies due to his belief that they couldn’t possibly outsmart him.

Slymind plays a big role in Omnidisk. Find out more about him in Omnidisk: The Mission Book One available now!

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