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Meet the Villains: Arcspark

Unlike most of the other villains Omniforce faces, Anira was a well known villain long before she ever received her powers. She and her partner Lance are wanted criminals in several countries, mostly known for high end robberies of banks, museums and private collections. She is a master thief, very skilled in several methods of self defense and she has a knack for staying three steps ahead of the authorities.

Anira crosses paths with the other Augments by accident and initially she wants nothing to do with them. Up to that point she’s found success in doing things on her own or with her partner. Another accident results in her getting her powers of electricity and after hearing the Augments plan she decides to join them as Arcspark.

Anira is very precise and tactical minded. Focusing on the mission is very important to her and she has respect for those who are like minded, even if they’re not on the same side. There are multiple times she acknowledges and respects Omniforce’s dedication to their mission. However, this only serves to move her to fight harder to rise to defeat them. She doesn’t speak much and when she does, her words have a clear purpose. It’s often clear that she doesn’t like her fellow Augments but she respects them enough to work with them so as not to ruin the good things she stands to gain. 

Arcspark can shoot  blue-white bolts of electricity from her hands. These bolts are powerful enough to blow a hole through a wall. Her tactical abilities help her to be very accurate with her aim and to use conductive surfaces to her advantage. When she is indirect contact with someone, these blasts are even more powerful. There are a lot of secrets surrounding Arcspark and her appearance has significant consequences for both teams. To learn more about her buy your copy of Omnidisk today!

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