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Meet Eric Daniels aka Crimson Falcon

Before joining the team, Eric was a normal teenager. He was mostly quiet and reserved and

liked to keep to himself. Part of that was because of his introverted personality but it got worse after his mother died a few years prior. Seeing the affect the loss had on his father and sister quelled most of the natural optimism he had left and turned him into a realist just trying to do what he can to help his family. He still had an active imagination and a nerdy side, but he mostly kept that to himself, the only exception being his best friend Archie. He’s loyal to a fault, and has a tendency to form a blind spot when he considers someone a friend.

Eric was the first person Chasub recruited for the Omniforce. He was reluctant but when he understood what was at stake his overwhelming sense of responsibility won out. Eric doesn’t like or dislike being Crimson Falcon. He understands why Crimson Flacon needs to exist and is working toward the day when he doesn’t need to exist anymore. He’s focused when on mission and often reminds the rest of the team to stay focused.

One of the reasons Eric is the leader is because he was vital to swaying the others to join Omniforce. Some team members, like Brynn and Archie were eager and others, like Will and Dark Viper were extremely reluctant, but whatever the case Eric was able to encourage them to join the mission. The team is also full of very different personalities, often making Eric have to play the role of referee.

Eric has a very conservative view of the abilities Omnidisks give him, preferring only to use

them on missions and even then only when completely necessary. He doesn’t hate the villains they face but he is very focused on stopping them. He considers it a team victory when they win but holds himself personally accountable when they fall short. His strong sense of responsibility applies to his family and his place on the Omniforce and when he cares for one he can’t help feeling like he’s not there enough for the other.

The events in Book One arguable affect Eric more than anyone else in the team, drastically changing him in many ways. I hope you grab a copy of Omnidisk: The Mission and find out how on July 6, 2020.


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