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Meet Brynn White aka Prodigy

Brynn White is one of Eric’s best friends and is the third person to join Omniforce (after Eric and Archie.) Prior to finding out about the Omnidisks she was very focused on her education. She had straight A’s in all of her classes and all of her friends admired her intelligence.

Brynn is also very direct. She says what she means and doesn’t believe in sugar coating her words. Her friends know that if they want an honest opinion, she’s the one to talk to. Brynn doesn’t back down from a conflict. If she feels threatened or disrespected, she will stick up for herself and her exceptional fighting skills back up her bravado. Whether or not she starts the fight, she’s always the one who finishes it.

When Eric tells Brynn about Chasub and the Omnidisks, she is extremely skeptical at first. She thinks Eric is playing a joke on her, and even grows irritated when Eric insists he’s telling truth. Once she saw enough evidence, she was almost instantly ready to join the fray. Eric’s encouragement played a role, but Brynn’s thirst for action ultimately motivated her to join the team.

As Prodigy, she is very active in all of the missions, insisting to be there from the very

start of the action. She usually prefers to engage their enemies right away, often putting her

at odds with Crimson Falcon who would prefer to discuss the situation first. She’s quick to voice her criticism when Crimson Falcon makes a decision she disagrees with, but she’s loyal to her leadership. When he makes a final decision, she supports him.

In contrast to some of her teammates, she is quick to use her powers at the earliest opportunity. Her abilities are often crucial to turning the tide in the battles they end up in. She doesn’t gloat or brag but she may teasingly make their teammates acknowledge when she helps them. Crimson Falcon repeatedly mentions that he’s glad to have her on the team and is comfortable confiding in her.

Brynn leans a lot about herself in Book One. Her personality changes and she makes decisions that may surprise you. To join Brynn on her adventure, be sure to grab a copy of Omnidisk: The Mission on July 6th!


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