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Meet Archibald Patterson aka Xenoshot

Archibald Patterson, Archie for short, is Eric’s best friend. He’s loyal to a fault and

extremely supportive. Archie was the first person Eric told about Chasub and the Omnidisks.

Archie is a self-confessed sci fi addict. Whether they’re comic books, tv shows or

movies, Archie loves science fiction. He prides himself on having memorized all kinds of alien ship designs, different models of robots and the names of the captains who piloted every fictional spaceship he’d ever read about. Archie had the habit of taking the lessons he learned and the qualities he admired from his favorite heroes and applying them to his own life. Most consider this evidence that he’s detached from reality but he considers this to be a way to become the best version of himself.

When Archie found out about Chasub and the Omnidisks he was elated. He immediately threw his support behind Eric, often calling himself his sidekick and vowing to do anything that was needed to assist. Eric and Archie’s differing views on what it means to be a hero initially causes friction between the two, but they settle their differences quickly.

Purely based on his trust in his friend, Eric asks Archie to join him in searching for the

Omnidisks, making him and Archie the first two members of Omniforce. Archie obtains a

costume and becomes Xenoshot. Unable to use any of the Omnidisks, Xenoshot uses an

“illuminator” a glove-like device that fires beam weapons and is able to display holographic

maps and computer readouts. Archie spends a lot of time on Chasub’s ship, The Omen, learning how to fly it and operate the other systems.

Xenoshot is the team optimist, always telling the others that they can achieve their goal. Whenever Eric comes up with a plan that the other’s doubt, Xenoshot is quick to give him his full support. As Eric recruits more people to their team, Xenoshot begins to feel less and less useful. As the only member of the team without powers, he’s determined to prove his worth.

By the end of Book one, the reader will be downright shocked by how much Archie has changed. Join Archie on his path to heroism, be sure to grab a copy of Omnidisk: The Mission Book One on July 6th , 2020.


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